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We were scattered We were overwhelmed We lacked knowledge
Swanson Flo Materials

As a small but growing family-owned business, we looked outmatched by our national competitors. Our trade show and marketing materials were scattered and disjointed. We needed an overhaul.

After a competitor analysis, Zydeco designed an identity system that conveys to prospects our desired perception — namely, that we offer sophisticated engineering solutions. Combined with our high-touch relationship approach, our sales team is now confident we can compete with the big guys.

We were overwhelmed with requests to grow relationships with our visitors. Most of our energy was going into communicating more, rather than looking at how we could convey our message better.

Nathalie counseled us to take a step back and determine what visitors really needed by completing a communications audit. That turned out to be the data our team needed to stop and refocus on our visitor experience. Interestingly enough, that helped improve both internal and external communications.

Our cross-industry networking group of c-level executives lacked knowledge about internal branding. What is it? Why is it important to me?

Rather than a long, academic deep dive to educate the executives, Nathalie shared her extensive expertise by engaging the group on a personal level. In just three hours, she facilitated exercises that went beyond raising awareness, and led the group to realize how managing their personal brand could make them better leaders.

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